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About Biscotti by the Bunch LLC   
The Biscotti by the Bunch LLC story… I have been baking this Italian cookie called biscotti for over 15 years. This delicious recipe was handed down from an old friend when we lived in New Jersey. I started the business full time here in historic Zoar, Ohio in 2010. As a retired hygienist by trade and having been relocated for my husband’s career to several different states I felt the need to reinvent myself. Over the years from New Jersey to Georgia to Ohio I had been baking this delicious “softer” treat for friends, parties, bridal showers, baby showers, schools and many local charity events. People could not get enough of these “softer” biscotti.  

I have been told by my friends and customers that they love the fact that the biscotti are “softer” and NOT hard like store bought. Changing the product to “softer” relates to the retired hygienist in me; what can I say, I love teeth! Certainly, they are not a traditional hard biscotti but are very well received none the less. So with this positive feedback I was encouraged enough to package my biscotti and begin marketing them to the public in 2010. The “I” has now become “we” which includes my husband and our three older children. They are all involved to some capacity with packaging, sales events, farm markets, deliveries and their favorite part - taste testing!  

In our biscotti we do not use preservatives or artificial sweeteners. We use only wholesome ingredients and sourcing locally whenever possible. Simple is our recipe which includes real butter, real sugar, our own free range fresh eggs and a real homemade taste! Our biscotti are handmade to order in small batches affording us the freshness that people expect from a high quality premium product. After much trial and error and many fun afternoons of tasting in the kitchen, at the present time we offer 60 flavors to choose from with our list ever growing! We are sure that you will find one of your favorites among them. Our biscotti are a perfect compliment to any meal, add it to desserts like ice cream,  or a beverage like coffee, tea, wine and even sangria. 

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Reasons to love Biscotti by the Bunch:

Handmade baking methods made fresh daily in small batches
Baked to order 
65 flavors to choose from including seasonal favorites like Gingerbread Man and Grasshopper Mint      
“Softer” not hard like store bought…it won’t break your teeth!
No preservatives or artificial sweeteners
Naturally longer shelf life up to 1 month or freeze them up to 3 months…IF they last that long!
Available sizes in wholesale and retail, singles, 6 piece, 10 piece, bakery boxes, party trays or gift baskets
Shop securely online using PayPal,  call and/or email direct
Free shipping and delivered locally within 10 miles of Zoar, Ohio
Biscotti by the Bunch are perfectly delicious! 
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