Biscotti by the Bunch

Life is sweet, eat a cookie!!  

At Biscotti by the Bunch LLC, the top-rated Italian biscotti cookie bakers in Ohio, you’ll find the tastiest biscotti cookies offered along with other delectable baked goodies served fresh daily. Superb cookies for special moments because we’ve got the recipe for a truly sweet day. We see the smiles that our treats bring to everyone who visits. These cookies are the snack that smiles back.

Life is sweet, eat a cookie! 

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Our Story

What We’re All About

Biscotti by the Bunch LLC has been a top rated bakery in Zoar, Ohio since 2010. When customers visit our home licensed bakery and mobile bakery, they’re immediately greeted by Biscotti Sue and a delectable array of freshly baked Italian biscotti and made from scratch treats that no one can resist!


We’re a neighborhood shop as well as a moblie bakery. We love being a "home away from home bakery" for our community as well as yours. Here at Biscotti by the Bunch we specialize in a gourmet "softer" Italian biscotti cookie and other delectable treats to include breads, cookies, pies, and cakes .

All of our products are handcrafted, baked fresh and served with a side of smiles. Stop by to taste them for yourself!

Watch for our blue trailer "Biscotti Blue" and "Biscotti Sue" at events near you!

Mission Statement

  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority ALWAYS.

  • Uniquely flavored gourmet biscotti cookies and other delectable treats.

  • High quality and handcrafted in small batches.

  • Locally sourced purveyors offering wholesome all natural ingredients without preservatives, artificial sweeteners or chemicals.

  • Simple is our recipe with real butter, real sugar, and fresh free range eggs giving you a real homemade taste.

  • Life IS sweet, eat a cookie!